Call Center: Common questions

1st The REGISTERED accesses the website of the CFO - Federal Council of Dentistry" where the data will be validated.
2º Click on the promotional banner of the English course and you will be redirected to the União Cultural website where you will have access to the registration form;
3rd The REGISTERED must complement the form with the data that is requested and, for the beneficiaries: spouse, dependents, family members and others must inform the data that is requested in the form registration;
  ➥ The spouse, dependents, family members and others can be registered later and/or at any time they wish and for this the CPF of the registrant must be validated by the CPF website;
4th The purchase of the course is individual by type of course and can be purchased individually or in groups with the addition of family members, dependents and others;
5th When making the payment for one of the study plan options, "50 or 100 lessons", select the payment method Boleto or Credit Card;
  ➥ Payment via Boleto: The 1st installment will always mature with 1 after its issuance. The deadline for writing off the title can occur within 3 days after payment and the registration will take place after the credit and identification of the customer is made;
  ➥ Payment via Credit Card - Payment is processed at the time of purchase by the Credit Card operator and registration will be carried out on the same day;
6th The Student will be enrolled in the digital study platforms and on the first access will take the Placement Test to know at which level they will be admitted to the course.
➽ In addition to REGISTERED, the course discount benefit can be extended to your Spouse, Dependents, Family and Others. When there are conditions for choosing Others, you must be informed which type it refers to: Fincionario, Friend, etc;
➽ Each REGISTERED can register up to 9 (participants).
➽ No, dependents and family members can be enrolled later at any time you wish.
➽ Learning is achieved by combining individual use of our platform with classroom activities;
➽ Our methodology is based on the international language proficiency system of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, comprising the levels Pre-A1, A1+, A2, A2+, B1, B1+, B2, B2+ and C1.
➽ The modules are completed based on the achievement of total points for skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), in addition to having evidence of the content studied according to the course/level.
➽ Our fully interactive English language teaching methodology is based on blended learning, active learning and online classes;
➽ Learning is achieved by combining individual use of the platform with regular classroom activities;
➽ Our platform promotes the development of 4 skills for mastering the English language: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Among these, the Speaking and Listening skills stand out, based on a powerful speech recognition and pronunciation assessment system, where the student's pronunciation is compared to that of more than 100 native speakers;
➽ We combine a multimodal platform and the work of the coach in the classroom. The courses provide the possibility of frequent practice of basic listening and writing skills, as well as oral and written expression, in a sequential and integrated way, similar to the way an individual learns their own mother tongue;
➽ The challenges proposed by our platform make the student to study English continuously, being able to use the moment in the classroom for conversational dynamics and pedagogical support from their coach.
➽ In the first contact with the platform, the student performs a placement test if he wants to (Placement Test);.
➽ With the result, the administrator inserts the student into the course that is appropriate to their level of language proficiency (enrollment in the system and on the platform, completing the class);
➽ If you choose not to take the test, start the 1st level course.
➽ The platform is available 24 hours a day, 100% online, via computer, tablet or cell phone, which allows students to plan to study according to their availability;
➽ The student can also know how much time the goal of the acquired course has already been accomplished, how many points in the bulletin's grade, and how many points still need to be achieved for each skill, among other participation records;
➽ For online classes, the student must have, in addition to a device (computer, tablet or cell phone), an account in the Zoom application and preferably a webcam with microphone for interaction with the teacher during class time.
➽ The course can be accessed with an annual or semester subscription, divided into up to 12 or 6 installments;
➽ The available payment method is credit card, under VISA, MasterCard, Elo, Amex and Diners, or Boleto Bancário.
➽ The service is intended to offer group lessons of 45 minutes or private lessons lasting 30 minutes to registered students (according to the choice made when hiring);
➽ Classes must be scheduled 48 hours in advance, according to times available on the platform, weekly;
➽ The means of accessing the platform:Learning Portal is through the item Student Area, listed in mine above;
➽ Our classes will be taught at flexible or fixed times, in order to better meet the needs and lifestyle of each student, with a range of hours from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday to Friday and from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, on Saturdays ;
➽ If the student is unable to attend the scheduled class, he/she must cancel within a maximum of 24 hours in advance, otherwise, it will be considered a given class and will be deducted from the credits of purchased classes.
➽ When enrolling, the contractor chooses 50 or 100 lessons, private (30 min) or in groups of up to 12 people (45 min) to be enjoyed in a period of 6 or 12 months, respectively. After purchase, the contracting party receives an email inviting him/her to the Placement test;
➽ In the case of classes for students up to 14 years old, classes will be in fixed classes, twice a week, with times chosen by the parents, who will receive access to the platform for monitoring the child's performance and direct contact with the English school, or individuals;
➽ In the case of adult students (over 14 years old), in addition to choosing between private or group classes, they can make their schedules more flexible on a daily basis, or even have fixed classes.
➽ Students who are unable to continue the course must formalize their withdrawal in writing by sending an email to the Customer Service Center clicking on the item:
    ➔ Cancellation of enrollment which will trigger your email application with the data filled in electronically: (email and subject) so that you can describe the reason for your decision;
➽ The student is entitled to exercise the right of repentance within 7 (seven) days of the beginning of classes, and may thus request the Call Center to cancel his/her Enrollment;
➽ 6% (six percent) of the total amount paid will be deducted;
➽ This amount is intended to cover administrative and operational expenses incurred by Instituto Educacional União Cultural;
➽ The return will take place within 10 (ten) business days from the formalization, in writing, of the withdrawal.
➽ Click on the link below to access the Zoom application installation file.
➽ Link: Copy and paste the link into your browser;
➽ Follow the instructions below to install the Zoom ➘➘➘

Step by step to install the Zoom application and create your user account:

1 - Click on the Zoom logo above to download the online class access app;
2 - The application after downloaded will be located in the Download folder/directory on your computer;
3 - Double click on the file with the name: "ZoomInstaller.exe"to install;
4 - If you do not yet have a user account on Zoom, you will need to create your personal account via the website via the link:;
5 - By creating your account, you can now have access to online classes;
6 - Inform your class teacher the e-mail address registered in your Zoom account so that you can receive class invitations online;
7 - Enjoy the course!


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