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➥Online and live classes, Monday to Friday, between 6 am and 11 pm, on Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm, find the best time for you, individually or in groups of a maximum of 6 people;
➥ You buy packages with 50 or 100 lessons, with unlimited access for 6 months or a year, including digital teaching material, 24-hour APP with voice recognition, 17 types of gamified exercises and exclusive learning platform;
➥ PLATFORM KIDS ADVENTURE and KIDS DISCOVERY, with monitoring and free access to parents.
➥ Active Methodology! You star in your learning!
Study as long as you want per day and advance without limits!:

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➥ And it is with a focus on human development that Athena Educação Digital and Instituto Educacional União Cultural promote linguistic and cultural immersion, either online or through international travel;

➥ Academic excellence, with constant updating of pedagogical methods and investments in the improvement of our teachers, has always been part of our identity. We also use technology to provide our students with the best possible learning experience.

International teaching programs:

➥ Athena Digital Education´s teaching programs cover several areas of activity and can be customized, whether they are courses in companies, schools or Higher Education Institutions;

➥ In partnership with international Schools and Universities, Athena Educação Digital provides the desired cultural and linguistic immersion, with unparalleled professional development and certification.

Advantage club:

Program Directed to Elementary School II Students (6th to 9th grade), offers immersion in English as an extracurricular activity in preparation for entering High School.

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The High School Teaching Program aims to offer students two High School Completion Certificates: the Brazilian and the North American. With the High School certificate, the equivalent of Brazilian High School.
The student will have advantages to compete for admission to American Universities.

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Short, medium or long term courses, according to the student's interest and time. Quality courses and institutions that are world references.

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Choice of congresses and seminars in the most diverse areas and locations;
Immersion in short periods for professional improvement and updating.

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The offer of short-term specialization courses (extension) abroad, planned exclusively for members of the Federal Council of Dentistry, in the most modern areas of interest to dentists and with international certification.

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The cultural and linguistic exchange is planned with the student, considering their performance to the possibility of living abroad;
Exchanges are organized by student profile, high school, professional, best age and others.

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