➥ Our course for TEENS was developed in order to create a motivating and practical environment, with fixed classes of up to 6 teenagers from 12 to 14 years old or in private classes (according to the choice at the time of purchase) with a live teacher, interacting with each one. and acting as if they were physically close.

➥ For the groups, 2 weekly lessons of 40 minutes are offered, with a live teacher (in the package of 50 live lessons and the teenager studies 6 months and 24 hours a day of APP ATHENA KIDS with many games and activities corrected with artificial intelligence and feedback during the next lessons, while in the 100 lessons package, he will have 2 lessons per week for a year, with the same benefits) for the private course (VIP) which you and he can put together a program of as many weekly lessons as you wish and enjoy the packages of 50 lessons (six months of access to benefits) and 100 lessons (one year of access to all benefits).

➥ During the live classes, knowledge exchange takes place in a playful and gamified way, ensuring learning and providing security when doing homework on the ATHENA APP, which offers pronunciation training, everyday situations and lots of content, with interactivity, which makes our teenagers have fun while they study.



➥ In Mentoring your teenager, in your company, traces a learning path with your mentor, where together they define clear goals for the short, medium and long term while developing their English proficiency.


➥ Reports with key information to qualify and redirect learning are shown and discussed with you during the meeting with your mentor.


➥ Detailed information about the grammatical support needs that you may have for development are pointed out during the mentoring.


➥ We have developed on our platform, in the student environment, exclusive thematic forums for teenagers, with topics of interest to their generation and engaged teachers.


➥ We have developed in our ATHENA APP an environment for exclusive chats for teenagers, always led by our teachers live.

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